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Balti Pole 150

This outdoor fitting places Balti, originally designed as a wall mounted luminaire, on the top of a pole to become the “head” of the same.

The pole, in extruded aluminium of 1000mm height and with an elliptic section, has been designed for one or two wall-lights and it is extremely thin.

The base repeats the curved lines design of the upper part, thus featuring  a sort of ground projection of the same.  
The rear side of Balti, in clear PA12 nylon, connects head and pole remaining visible, thus playing a relevant role in this application.

This design combined with the slight inclination of the source makes it possible to achieve a diffusion of the light on a 240° wide angle for the single bracket version. The double bracket model shows an overlap of the two 240° beams.
Balti Pole 150 holds Balti 150 (code 118503 / 118303) wall-lights.

Balti Pole is a registered design model.
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